Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT)

Have we made a difference, after 7 years of working very hard, to benefit AB Condo Owners?




Hello everyone.  Our Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT) has been a grassroots, volunteer,  group of non-conflicted Alberta condo owners, and other interested parties, who believe Service Alberta’s condominium legislation leaves much to be desired.  

For seven (7) years, as condo owners on the front-line of Alberta condo ownership and living, we have done all legally possible to be authentically heard and responded to by Service Alberta Ministers, their bureaucrats, and staff. 

We spent thousands of volunteer hours, dollars, and energy in our sincere efforts to educate Service Alberta bureaucrats and staff (some of whom do not own a condo) on condominium legislative shortcomings and loopholes.

Service Alberta has finalized their plan.  There is nothing more we can do now.  If you have condo related questions, or wish to be kept informed of Service Alberta condo updates, please direct your inquiries to the Service Alberta Minister (

Very shortly, as promised at the start of our fundraising,  I will be disbursing the money left in our Go Fund Me account.  It will be disbursed evenly between the Veteran's Food Bank and the Alberta SPCA and the amounts will be posted on this site so all financial transactions are open and transparent.  I will also send a final newsletter to those on our mailing list.

Thank you to all for your support of me, and my valued team of volunteers, over the years.

June Donaldson (MBA, EdD, Mediator, Arbitrator, ACAT Founder)


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