Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT)

Have we made a difference, after 7 years of working hard  to benefit AB Condo Owners?




Our Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT) is a grassroots, volunteer,  group of non-conflicted Alberta condo owners, and other interested parties, who believes Service Alberta’s current, and soon to be proclaimed, condo legislation has been:

condo industry insider oriented

incomplete, undermining, and biased against Alberta condo owners

an abuse of power that facilitates condo industry deceitfulness and back-room “deals” 

and lacking in necessary accountability, fines, penalties, and enforcements for bad people who do bad things.

For seven (7) years, we have done all legally possible to be authentically heard and responded to by Service Alberta. 

Extensive, consistent, sincere, and expensive effort has been put forth to educate Service Alberta bureaucrats (some of whom do not own a condo) on condominium legislative shortcomings and loopholes.

There is nothing more we can do now but wait and hope for the best in whatever the NDP proclaims into law before the next election!

We have had face to face and conference call meetings with senior Service Alberta staff, and that includes Minister Brian Malkinson.

At this point, we can confidently say we have done our level best … and now … we are in a holding pattern!

Let's hope we have been heard.  If you have questions?  Please send them to

Thanks for listening.  My Disclaimer applies to this website.  Thank you to all those who supported our mission.  Your action was MOST appreciated!  

For now, we'll put this into our "to be continued" file and hope the NDP Government has heard us.

June Donaldson (MBA, EdD, Mediator, Arbitrator, ACAT Found,,

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