Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT)

AB condo legislation is condo industry insider-favoured, lacking accountability, unenforceable, and ineffective!



We believe most Alberta condo owners have no idea how vulnerable they are in their condo ownership and they won't know until they face a condo crisis which, for many, is right around the corner.


Our Alberta Condo Act Team (ACAT) is a grassroots group of non-conflicted Alberta condo owners, and other interested parties, who believes Service Alberta’s current, and soon to be proclaimed, condo legislation:

is blatantly condo industry insider oriented

is incomplete, undermining, and biased against Alberta condo owners

is an abuse of power that facilitates condo industry deceitfulness and back-room “deals” 

lacks necessary accountability, fines, penalties, and enforcements for bad people who do bad things

and is legislation that will be punishing and costly to Alberta condo owners, and their families, for years, if not decades.

For seven (7) years, we have done all possible to be authentically heard and responded to by Service Alberta. 

Extensive, consistent, sincere, and expensive effort has been put forth to educate Service Alberta bureaucrats (some of whom do not own a condo) on high profile and shocking condominium legislative shortcomings and loopholes.

Current and proposed condo legislation does not address today’s real-life condo issues or those we will face in the future. 

Forward thinking has been non-existent in Service Alberta’s Condo Act revision process. In fact, all indications are that Service Alberta has excelled at skimming the surface of condo legislation reform in their efforts to appease a long list of condo industry insiders.

Consider this:

You need a license to catch an Alberta fish, and you can be fined if you catch a fish without a license but …

an unlicensed, unregulated, untrained in condo board governance, sometimes ill-informed, self-serving, or unethical, "self managed" condo board member(s) can collect and spend our condo fee, special assessment, and “fine” money … with no legislated requirement to disclose, in a specific and timely manner, what they are doing with our money … millions of dollars of communal money.  

We are not giving up though because we want Service Alberta to honour their mandate of "consumer protection!

Please read our "AB Regulation Feedback" document that addresses existing condo shortcomings and loopholes.  It was submitted to Service Alberta on July 17, 2018.  These topics are going to negatively affect our property values, quality of condo ownership, and financial stability if nothing is done about them. The document is located below.

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June Donaldson (MBA, EdD, Mediator, Arbitrator, ACAT Founder)


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